Student Spotlight: Paige Freund


Aubrianna Kline, Staff Reporter

Paige Freund, 7th grader, was born in San Antonio, Texas on May 19, 2005 at 11:22 a.m. at Northeast Baptist Hospital. Paige went to Green Valley Elementary School from kinder-2nd grade, and later on Sippel Elementary from 3rd-4th. “I made friends pretty easily, so switching schools wasn’t so hard,” she says.

Paige has one sister named Payton Freund. Paige and her sister have more of a friendship than just being siblings.”My sister and I have a very strong relationship. I would be clueless without her.”

She has lots of friends, such as Hannah Sandoval, 7th grader, says “I am good friends with her, and she is very nice.” Hannah and Paige met at Jordan Intermediate, in 5th grade, and has been friends ever since.

Another friend of hers is Kylie Pavlovsky, 7th grader. She says “Paige is a very caring, and generous friend. She is also a fun person to be with.” “I like making people laugh, and just making them happy in general.” she says. Paige has many people who support her in life. She says “I don’t think I need a lot of friends. Just a few people that are there for me.”