Student Spotlight: Hailey Davis


Jenna Baglio and

Hailey’s life is somewhat different from most eighth graders. She still watches Netflix, plays video games, and she obviously goes to school, but you may not know some things about her. She is lucky because she has the chance to go to many concerts, she listens to music, and she goes on camping trips with her family.


To start off, her favorite thing to do is go to concerts. She has been to around fifteen in her entire life and her favorite was Panic! At The Disco. “ I liked that concert because there was fire on stage and the energy was so cool.” Sometimes Hailey even gets out of school to attend a concerts.In February and September she is going to go to two more concerts and it is her first time attending the concert for those bands, Fall Out Boy and AJR.


Another thing that is interesting  about her life is that she loves to listen to all different music except for rap, and country. It makes her happy. She loves when teachers allow her to listen to music with her headphones while at school. She loves to listen to a lot of band groups. When Hailey has the time she loves to look up concerts on youtube and listen to them.

Lastly, Hailey loves to get outdoors and go places. He favorite place to ever visit was Puerto Rico. “There was iguanas everywhere and a lot of stingrays” Hailey stated. She has only been to Puerto Rico once and she would love to go there again. She also likes taking pictures of scenery outside. She takes most of her pictures at state parks.


All in all, Hailey has a pretty interesting and different life than most kids. Not a lot of people get to go to many concerts, so she is pretty lucky. She loves to listen to music, and get out of the house.