Student Spotlight: Aubrianna Kline


Kylie Pavlovsky, Staff Reporter

Aubrianna Kline is a 7th grader at Dobie Junior High. She is a very happy person and always so kind and sweet. “My family is the number one thing that makes me happy. Also YouTubers named The Dolan Twins and RoadtripTV make me super happy, laugh, and smile!” she said.

Aubrianna, who prefers to be called Aubrie, was born on June 21 in San Antonio, Texas.

Aubrie came to John A. Sippel Elementary in 2nd grade. Once she completed Elementary, she moved on to Elaine S. Schlather for 5th through 6th. She fit in very well and had a successful year at Schlather.

Although things have been going well, it hasn’t always been carefree, before she was born, her parents split. When she was either 1 or 2, her stepdad came into her life. “He’s always been there for me and treats me like one of his own.” She is very happy to have her stepdad.  

One of Aubrie’s favorite things to do with her family is to just sit, have a good conversation, and come together. She treasures her family and is very grateful for them.

“A big inspiration of mine is my mom. She is always there for everyone, no matter the situation. She doesn’t let anyone bring her down,” she said. 

Aubrie is now loving Dobie Junior High and can’t wait for her future.