The Forgotten Twins

Alice was only 4 when she was separated from her sister. Only her parents know but Alice and Ida don’t know that they existed. When Alice turned 18 she decided to move out,she already knows where she wanted to live. She wanted to live in a small cottage alone in the woods almost one mile from the nearest town. After a year Alice started to see things, bad things, she felt like she was being watched by someone. One night she heard a knock, ”Who’s  there?” she yelled. She heard a slight faint voice outside  then heard a thud she ran and opened the door it was a girl that had hair red as blood and eyes blue as night very similar to Alice, she helped the girl in and put her down on the bed then fell asleep on the couch. The next day Alice woke and she saw the girl in front of her ”I’m  sorry I scared you, thank you for helping me I came from a village 75 miles from here.”What’s your name?” i asked, ”Ida” that name sounded so familiar before i could speak she said, ”I’m your lost twin sister” I froze in shock. Alice sat down to take a breath from all this shocking information, she didn’t know where to start. Ida told her how they where both separated at 4  years old.”We were separated because of the law.” ”What law?” Alice asked in fear, ”The law said only one twin can live the other will have to be executed.” “How are we alive?!” Alice yelled. “Because I escaped from the execution room.” “What?! How?!” “They left the door open and that was my chance all of my energy from my little weak body focused on running as fast as I can.” “ I think that’s enough for today” Alice said. Alice asked Ida if she wanted lunch they Both agreed but, they had no food. “Let’s go to the market” Ida said, Alice and Ida walked the long mile to the town and got Bread, Cheese, Milk and fresh strawberry’s along with a neatly  hand weaved basket. As soon as they got home Alice pulled out a pan and butter. She turned the stove on and the butter slowly melted then, After Ida put the bread on the melted butter. She put on cheese and bread with butter on the outside on the warm buttered bread. They made grilled cheese they got the strawberry’s and ate them with a warm glass of milk. This was the first memory Alice and Ida made since they were separated. That night Alice had a bad dream about her and Ida running through the woods hurt with blood on Ida’s white  clothes. When they turned around there was a flashlight blinding them, that’s when Alice woke up from that insane dream. She ran to the kitchen for a glass of water and stayed awake till the morning sun shined bright in Her blue ocean eyes. Ida woke up then screamed as a child was screaming for a toy. “I had a dream where me ran through  the woods  and I was covered in blood!” Ida yelled it panick. “So did I….” Alice said with no emotion. Before they could react the some one banged on the door so hard you could almost hear the wood crack.