Editorial: lock down drills could get kids prepared


There have been so many school shootings lately. The most recent  shooting took place in Parkland,Florida and 14 high school students and 3 staff members died. We believe if we practiced lock down drills more frequently then students would know what to do and be more prepared instead of playing around and taking a very serious drill as a joke.

We think that if we had lock down drills more often that there would be less fatalities and injuries. Also if we had more cops watching and keeping a close eye on everything on campus and online it wouldn’t happen as much and kids would worry less.   

Many schools do practice lock down drills. “Many students now know it as part of a usual school routine.”says Katherine Lee. Many kids from Kindergarten through 12th grade know what to do now that they have been practicing, more and more but many students now panic and have the fear as if it could be a real lock down.

Some people think that we should not have lock down drills because they say it takes too much time out of our class time where we learn. If It hasn’t happened around there area, people feel it should not be a worry, but students and staff have concerns. You never know if the drill is real or not, you don’t know what people are going to do so you should always remain cautious.

We think we should practice lock downs more often also add more cops on campus that may make kids feel more safe at their own school. We could even make the scenario more real and make a staff member dress up as a intruder and pretend it was a person trying to harm students, or even practice more than once a month. Maybe even three times a month.

More schools need to practice lock down drills apart of their daily routine. If schools better prepared us for these incidents like a intruder during lunch, or passing period there would be less people injured and fatalities. Many people are wondering what they could do better. One is lock down1 drills more often, or even having more conversations about school shootings because no one should ever be scared to get an education.