Editorial: Effects of the deadly Florida shooting


The school shooting that took place on Wednesday, February 15 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, ended around 2:30 in tragedy. 17 dead and many were left heart broken. The shooter was former student Nikolas Cruz, 19, who arrived at the school at 2:13 Pm.

Many now grieve the loss of their children and friends. Some believe that the children are paid actors, who go to scenes of school shootings and protest people having guns. Sorry, but that’s not the case. If they are just “paid actors” then show us the people who were killed walking the streets of Florida. Another thing is the government isn’t acting. If they won’t act, then the kids of the Florida shooting will. Many of the students want stricter gun laws so things like school shootings and lockdowns won’t happen as often, but the government denies their needs for safety at school.

Host of the late night show, Stephen Colbert,  has a lot to say on the matter as well. And according to Colbert, the kids of Florida are acting fast not wanting other innocents to die. In response, our  president wants teachers, with training, to carry concealed guns so that school shootings end faster, not as many people die, and those who carry the guns should get an extra bonus. But the only problem is that most schools may not be financially ready, so they may have to cut some classes. What is more important, safety? or education?

Another thing our president has not done is having made any plans to get help for people with mental issues. This kind of help could help prevent school shootings, and he is not willing to make gun laws stricter so that AR-15′s don’t end up in the hands of mentally ill teenagers/young adults which could also prevent school shootings. So, how do kids act as they travel and spread the news across the world so that other children hear and know what’s going on and help them in their fight. And these kids are right, we need stricter gun laws. We are entitled to feel safe in our schools, and that’s not happening. We students that attend schools can’t just put our trust in god, but people who are willing to protect us.