Editorial: School shootings are a parent’s worst nightmare


School shootings are devastating, and can end up hurting both adults and children alike. As horrible as it may sound, some parents are scared to send their kids to school because of the issue. Shootings have caused many deaths in the past years, and have brought traumatic and hurtful memories to those who have fallen victim to the events. Recently, there was a shooting in Parkland, Florida at Marjory Douglas Stoneman High School. Unfortunately, 17 people including students and teachers lost their lives, and others were left injured. The gunman was former student Nikolas Cruz, age 19. According to TIME, he had been expelled last year for disciplinary reasons.  

All shootings in schools can be avoided in some way. Whether it’s loved ones or friends picking up signs of mental illness, or gun sellers doing background checks- they can all ensure the safety of this generation. Imagine you had your own children, and you’ve seen people taking the lives of children just like yours. The victims of these atrocities don’t get to go back home to their parents at the end of the day.

We believe that tougher gun control laws could resolve this issue. This means that people who are not given permission can not buy guns. This would enhance all communities in ways that would benefit everyone. There should be better laws to protect everyone in and out of schools. As seen in the recent event in Florida, a nineteen year old should not be able to buy an AR-15. How can we say that when you’re twenty-one you can drink but when you are eighteen you can buy guns used in the military. Assault rifles should not be sold in stores. They are used for purposes of the military, not for everyday people.

Some people just believe school shootings are caused by mental problems or bullying, and in a way it’s true. It’s not just all that however, but instead how people cope with new surroundings and safety issues that have occurred in their area and state. Some people believe that they need guns as a sense of safety to protect them from the dangers of society.                                            

Schools have to pay more attention to their students and see the signs of bullying or their troubles at home. Drawings, writings, or silence could appear as a warning. Anything could be the case, the slightest change can indicate that something’s up. Parents, and even students can point things out. Everyone should be alert and tell their superior figures if they suspect something.

Innocent people are killed every year from school shootings, and they need to stop. Districts, schools, teachers, parents and students need to listen. If we work together and truly believe that it can stop, we can enact a plan and make our schools safe for every child, teenager and adult.