Editorial: We Need To Address This Gun Problem


We believe that school shootings happen way too often. School shootings are like a bomb just waiting to explode. The perfect mix of a troubled student and some gun laws can make one very messy situation. School shootings have been occuring way too often. It is unhealthy for the younger community and the parents who send their children to school.

“We’re averaging one school shooting incident every 63 hours in 2018”-Huffingtonpost

According to euronews.com, there is a school shooting at least once a week in America. There are about 9 per month. In every shooting there are multiple people who are injured or even killed. No parent should let their kids go to school worrying if their baby is going to come back home unharmed.

There was a shooting in 2013, at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Majority of the children there were shot and only 2% were injured. This was one of the worst mass shooting seeing as to how 20 first graders were killed. Yes, first graders. It’s hard to believe that in this world a person would go to an elementary school and decide to shoot and kill or injure first graders, children.

Guns should be made illegal all together. They cause too many problems for children with mental health issues. While guns are used for plenty of things, they cause too many deaths worldwide. Guns do cause problems but so does bullying. It all starts with the issues of one troubled student. An average of 108 school shootings happen a year! That is way too many.

In our opinion the government should run a psychological test before people buy guns to see if they have homicidal thoughts. Another good way to stop school shootings are to post up police officers at schools to protect the students. The best way is to increase age to purchase guns, age should be brought up to at least over the age of 21. People have been working to prevent bullying, but clearly it still has done nothing to dull the issue. To stop bullying you would need to take it seriously. Even the small jokes that some people make to their friends.

We all know that this is a serious problem and it’s not going to go away in a day. Not nearly enough people have put anything into action. It’s time for officials to do something. Limit gun use and get the students who need help, help. If we finally start doing something about this international issue, school shootings will decline and this national menace will be defeated.