Editorial: The Cycle of Mass Shootings Needs to Stop


Bang! Another mass shooting that’s going down in history. We put the names of the people who took a bullet into our prayers, but are we really changing anything?

We think that mass shootings in general are horrible and need to be stopped. Although mass shootings will get talked about for maybe a few months, nobody takes action.

We aren’t the only ones that believe that this cycle has gone on long enough. Fred Guttenberg, was a father of one of the victims of the mass shooting. Taking place in Florida, he made a heartbreaking speech about how school, a place where kids have no choice to go to and create goals can be a target for mass shooting. Mr. Guttenberg states “I don’t know what to do next” he believes stricter gun laws will heal this damage.

Although we believe that this cycle isn’t going to end without action, others don’t. Trump is one who seems to be making this situation about politics. After Trump’s tweet stating that the FBI was spending to much time trying to “prove Russian collison”, others thought that he was being insensitive by making things about political matter. Although he is sending his “thoughts and prayers”, it’s not enough. Rather than trying to stop this horrible cycle, Trump is just ignoring it.

It has been proven the government isn’t doing to change what is happening, so it’s the citizens job to protest and tell them that we need change. The government should strengthen the 2nd amendments to make it hard for people to get such dangerous guns. It almost would be a good idea to go over guns safety rules in schools all around the world.

Shooting is a terrible thing that could happen to anyone. Lives have been lost from shootings and there needs to be a stop to them. Officials need to help put an end to the shootings by increasing the age limit for getting guns or having more safety rules at schools.You can put towards this cause by donating to the “Everytown for Gun Safety” organization that is for gun control and against mass shootings.