Editorial: We need to stop blaming it all on gun control


School shootings have been happening for a while, but have been occurring a lot more lately. Some people have been trying to blame it all on one thing although we believe there are many causes. The most recent one happened in Parkland, Florida.


We believe that there are many problems and it is not just one thing that is causing this

to occur. We all need to stop blaming it all on gun control.

In recent protest many people have been blaming the weak gun control laws.There has been  17 school shootings, including one in Parkland. We need to stop all this from the roots of the problem, even students from the school have gone to six legislators and have been turned away. “Innocent kids are dying,” said 15-year-old Samuel Muster, a sophomore at Marjory Stoneman Douglas.


Blaming only the government is not right. People should really open their eyes up to everything that is going on around them. Whether it is good or bad people will turn it into what they want to think. On the other hand there are many interviews with kids that knew the boy was up to something, but no one spoke up about it. Maybe if someone would’ve said something to a teacher, counselor or even a police officer this school shooting in Parkland wouldn’t have happened.   


We propose that America as a nation, takes more caution on what’s fed into our younger generations minds, whether it’s on the T.V or even on video games. Also to be more strict on the gun control law everywhere, not only in Florida. Everyone can do something different to prevent this from happening. Don’t stay quiet if you see someone at school do something weird such as drawing guns or even bombs. Talk to someone, maybe that could save peoples lives in the future.


We all need to open our eyes to what is going on, and work together to find a solution. Although it may be hard, we need to try our best. Come together no matter how different we may be.Although It may be difficult .