Editorial: Our thoughts on gun control


School shootings are happening so often, it’s terrifying. No student or parent should have to worry about anything happening to them or their child. So far there have been 18 School Shootings since January 1st, 2018. That’s 18 school shooting within the first few months, 18 school shooting in only the first 45 days in 2018. Even though that’s happening no one has done much to stop it.


However, there are some people that would be upset if guns were taken away completely. While guns are very dangerous and have been the cause of many deaths, they are also capable of saving lives. Most guns were made for protection, so we cannot specifically blame the guns for the catastrophes they can cause. They themselves aren’t the bad things, it’s the bad people that use them for what they’re not made for. Thankfully a lot of people know how to use guns responsibility. Guns aren’t dangerous until they’ve fallen into the wrong hands.


A few ways you can help is to keep firearms out of the hands of minors by changing the legal age to possess a weapon especially those who are mentally ill or who have had a troubling life. Another thing to watch out for is those who have an obsession with firearms since it’s been known that those who have caused massacres had this obsession. If we take these steps then slowly but surely, we as a country will be able to reduce the amount of lives lost to the numerous accidents that have occured.


We can’t sit back and watch the children of our country die from the misuse of firearms that could’ve been avoided. We must protest for stricter gun control laws for the sake of our country’s youth. How many times do  things like this have to happen before it’s stopped? When will our president finally do something about this crisis that has been plaguing our country.