Editorial: Take A Stand To Stop School Shootings


School Shootings happen every now and then. Many people have one aching question though. Why? There are many causes, but a main root is bullying and maybe even mental health. For example, 19 year old Nikolas Cruz. Nikolas’s main cause of his act is the rudeness of his peers. People see bullying as a simple game, but in reality it can lead to bigger issues.


 When the shooting was brought to the eyes of the public everyone was devastated and also mad at the same time. The students were traumatized and sad, but they realized that they had to do something about it. According to New York Times the students went to the Florida government and told them to do something about purchasing guns, but it was voted against.

People were upset by the refusal, but will continue to take a stand up, stay strong, and continue digging up solutions that’ll fix the issue.


 It has been brought to the attention of the public that he has anger issues resulting into mental health. The cause of his breakdown is former peers who made fun of him, and bullied him to the point of madness.


A solution is he could go to a mental hospital. This had already been brought to the public, but schools should start focusing more on tackling mental health. It might not prevent students from starting shootings, but it may help.


 A lot of people have agreed that he should go to jail and a mental hospital to get help. People also agree that purchasing guns should be a lot more harder, and especially if they are military guns going to just regular people that are not in the military. More laws should be made to prevent this from happening ever again.


 We hope that in the future, shootings may be reduced, and guns should only go to specific people such as military. Make sure to also try and take a stand to help your community.