PV: How Mental illness can cause school shootings


Shelby Wilson, staff reporter

There are many causes to school shootings, but one of the major causes that everyone looks past is mental illness.How is mental illness a cause of school shooting? Well Mental illness is referring to a wide range of mental health conditions. Examples of mental illnesses are including Depression, Anxiety, etc.

Mental illness can be caused by anything, such as school pressure, past traumas and especially bullying. We can never truly know if those around us, friends, family or even ourselves are mentally ill.

Mental illness is no joke although this generation thinks its funny to say things like “My mom grounded me i’m so depressed…kms” or throwing phrases that could really mess up someones life out there to them like it means nothing, for instance “Oh my God kill yourself!!!’ or “You look so depressed”. These things are not jokes, not at all and to joke about it is just plain wrong and terrible.

is bullying whether you think so or not. According to https://www.stopbullying.gov 28% of U.S. students in grades 6–12 have experienced bullying. Bullying could lead to something jurassic for the victims, the bullies, and for the spectators. A few examples of those are things like self harm, suicide, or even school shootings such as the one that happened in Parkland Florida. This teen killed a little over a dozen people at a high school.

We know that mental illness is not always the main cause, because it can just be an act of terrorism or something equal to that or worse. Gun control laws are a major issue as well, but it seems that the government is not doing anything about it.

Mental illness is a all to common thing in the U.S. Especially for us teens in our day in age. We as kids of this generation need to stop bullying before it gets worse. Today in this world we have a variety of tools to stop this.

We as students have the right to talk to authority about our issues in our society. Maybe we can have a program to change the way we interact with one another.