Editorial: Parkland High school Shooting was a Tragedy


School shootings are events that have unfortunately been occurring for a long time, but the efforts and struggles to stop them have not been enough. In February 14, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland was attacked by Nikolas Cruz. The suspect was understood to have mental and anger issues and was suspended by the school when he did the shooting.


We think that what happened horrible, It was a tragedy. We realized that this could happened to anyone. Life has its ups and downs. But we must stick together whenever the downs happen.


Unfortunately,  17 students died and 14 were wounded and that causes kids to scared to go to school  and it should not be a problem for parents to have to be worried about their kids life when they go to school. But now, it sadly is a problem. CNN has an article that mentions all of the problems and issues that Nikolas faced as a kid.


I honestly don’t believe that changing the gun age is gonna help the situation. A 21 year old could still do the same damage that this 18 year old did. Whenever he bought the gun, he should have been evaluated medically. This could’ve prevented or at least delayed the shooting. Nikolas was always violent and always praised and showed support towards guns,knifes, and weapons.

I Believe that upping the age for buying a “ Weapon Of War” Should be 21 years old. But then again if you think about everything that has been happening you see that weapons are not the actual problem here. Weapons don’t kill people, People kill people.    


These are all the reasons why we think Parkland high school shooting was an very tragic moment that has happened, we hope all the kids and staff recover quickly and we hope many people pray for the school.


Pub. Feb 27, 2018 https://www.cnn.com/2018/02/26/us/nikolas-cruz-neighbor/index.html