Editorial: Preventing School Shootings one step at a time


In certain situations, guns should not be able to be bought, background checks need to be made more thoroughly, and there needs to be an age limit of at least of 21 to buy a gun.

In recent times, things such as school shootings have been happening more often. On average, there is about one school shooting a week. That is disturbing and unacceptable. Many people sit and ask to themselves,“Why should kids have to worry about this?” The answer is right in front of us. Guns have been handed out to anyone with money and background checks have not been as thorough as they should be. This is creating a very unsafe atmosphere for children and anyone else with vulnerability.

Some say kids have no thought about this, but it is affecting us just as much if not more. If they want to find a solution they should get opinions from our young minds as well. People are buying guns without any thought nowadays. They have the money so why not? At first you do not think much of it. Until these guns are being used against us children, used to terrorize  places and kill or hurt masses of people.

In the recent Florida school shooting, the shooter, a former student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, suffered from depression after losing his mother and father. The police did not listen to anyone’s report of him threatening to shoot up the school. This threat wasn’t thoroughly checked leading to this catastrophic event. According to CNN he had put racial slurs and hate symbols on his backpack. Sources say he suffers from A.D.H.D and autism.

Others may say that banning guns completely is the right thing to do. Arguing with that matter doesn’t do anything but make more people angry. Let people have their own opinions on these matters. Though guns are used for protection and hunting in some cases, banning ALL guns just takes out these peoples rights more and more. Causing more arguments and leading to more chaos. Putting more people in danger and possibly leading to more of the one thing we are trying to avoid… school shootings, or in any case mass shootings.

Certain guns like the gun used in the Florida shooting ,an AR-15 ,should not be sold or given out to civilians. Guns like those are used in war, they shouldn’t be something that an average person keeps in their house to feel safe. Also, the process for buying a gun should be more strict. Mental illnesses and brain damage such as PTSD should make it where you can not have access to buy a gun. The age limit for buying a gun should be 21 years old, not 18 because if you’re old enough to drink you’re old enough to buy a gun. The FBI needs to take the threats more seriously and go to the absolute top to figure out what is happening. People need to report something suspicious and stop being so lazy relying on others to take action.

The world we live in now is getting more and more dangerous as the days go on. We need you to take some action and start trying to fix these problems. Our children along with every person on Earth is being put in danger. Start reporting these things and pushing it to make these problems not so distant.