Editorial: The Casue Of School Shootings


In February 2018 there has already been an estimated amount of 17  school shootings. After the unfortunate incident in Florida on February 14,  2018, President Trump made a public speech addressing the cause as mental health, while others believe it was gun control. We think that gun control should be addressed as another political topic because it is one of the main issues in national terrorism today.

Since 1999 there has been 31 school shootings, and people such as families of school shooting victims, have taken it upon themselves to believe that guns are the problem. But are guns really the problem?

We do agree that gun laws should be made to stop as many people from purchasing them, but still people will buy or maybe even illegally purchase them. Guns aren’t the problem. People are.

How do gun laws prevent ill people from purchasing weapons? Think about it. It doesn’t. On the outside people look happy and sane. According to https://www.cnn.com/2018/02/18/us/florida-shooting-cruz-family/index.html Kimberly Snead, the mother who took in 19 year old Nikolas Cruz, told the South Florida Sun Sentinel that  her and her family did not see that side of him. Within six months, Nikolas purchased multiple guns. Gun laws would’ve helped? How?  Kimberly said Nikolas looked a little depressed. What was his story? Was he bullied? And if he was wouldn’t that be the main reason to shoot up his old high school?

Other people would say gun laws would help. Putting age limits and doing background checks on guns would help. But there is an age limit and gun sellers do background checks on people before they sell.

How should we solve this? If you really look at it, we cannot stop school shootings from happening, but we can try. Bullying is the main cause of all school shootings, so to help this problem we can treat people like they matter. We should start telling people that life will get better. We should start noticing when someone is sad and telling adults to help them.

Although we can’t stop school shootings, we can take action. Next time you think about picking on someone because they look different, think about how this will affect yours and other people’s lives.