The Cost of School shootings


Trinity T. Kayla L. Jocelynn K. Alisza C. Jonathan A., staff reporter



In 2018, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida a nineteen year old Nikolas Cruz attacked unarmed students, and teachers with an AR-15 rifle, shooting and killing 17 people. It is reported that Cruz was a member of a four man team while participating in organized shooting competitions for his school. One member of this four man team said to reporters that Cruz was constantly talking about his AR-15 rifle, along with other weapons in his possession. Cruz was expelled a year before the shooting for unspecified disciplinary reasons, investigators believe that this coupled with the recent death of his parent was his motivation for committing this crime. When questioned, his guardians said that he showed no outward signs of depression, aggression, or any other trait that would suggest that he would commit the shooting. Many wonder why this 19 year old boy was allowed to purchase a weapon such as this. The students who survived also ask themselves if the law over the age restriction, or every gun policy should be changed. Many others believe that such changes should be made, but others believe that guns, as a means of self defence, are a necessity for the protection of the common man, and that restricting gun usage further would be of no benefit for anyone.  


Non- Political: “When government takes away citizens right to bear arms, it becomes citizens duty to take government’s right to govern’”- George Washington.


Our first president George Washington couldn’t have said it any better. Taking away a right that was made in 1789 along with the Constitutional  Bill of Rights would just strike the government as unconstitutional. If the first president, the president that set the precedent for the rest of the presidents to come, understood that you can’t create rights that can be taken away from us out of the blue. After the shooting at florida a gun control law is coming up and many people are taking rage to it. Some believe that gun control is something we need, some believe that gun control isn’t needed, some believe that overall it’s not something that needs to be discussed at the moment. What people don’t understand is, yes this is a rough time and all is taken into serious thought and sorrow for the victims and family members of the students who did not survive, but  even through everything that’s happened we need the come together as a nation and truly talk about what happened, and understand that this was a problem not because of “gun control” but because we don’t have the right people, and the right kind of help for all these kids that are going through serious mental issue causing them to react this way. We are not blaming anyone and we are not saying that what he did was okay in anyway because it was not, but we think we should all look further into getting help for kids like Nikolas Cruz and others going through what he was and try to get them help, to keep this from ever happening again.          


The white house felt furious and sympathetic after the shooting, furious with the suspect, 19 year old Nikolas Cruz who was a former student at the school, and sympathetic to all of the victims, and anyone affected by the massacre.The shooting took place on the Wednesday of this past Valentine’s day toward the afternoon.President Trump made a speech at the White House addressing how terrible the massacre was and how things like this needed to be avoided at all times.He constantly stated that he was working towards improving and ensuring that everyone was safe at school and laws were being made to keep things like this from ever happening again.On Thursday the surviving teens went to town hall and asked for the state to change the laws. They were denied change, yet they continued to fight back.


People are grieving over their lost friends and family members. Some students will need  therapy to help get over what happened the day of the school shooting. Families of the victims have started funding pages to help pay for things like funeral cost, therapy sessions, etc. This shooting has not just affected the families and friends of the victims. It has also affected America as a whole. People have heavy hearts everywhere and want to help, some people even have marched for their fellow students that were killed so they could have more gun control in America. More gun laws should be in place to ensure that this doesn’t happen again and for everyone’s safety. The parents of the victims are grieving for their lost children. They might never get over what happened on February 14th, 2018, neither will the friends might ever get over the day their friends died. This event has also affected people’s minds. Some people now think that their children are safe only if they carry a gun for self defense. It is sad that people have to think this everyday, that their child is not safe until they carry a gun. It is a sad reality of the world we live in today. Whatever the solution, this needs to stop.  


As the second amendment states,  “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to  the security of a free state, the right of people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Therefore, we have the right to bear arms. In case the government tries to take over the people, or for personal defence, guns will allow us to protect ourselves and possibly overthrow the government, if it becomes necessary. Without guns, we would have nothing to fight with. Not everyone knows how to use a sword. Outlawing guns would make absolutely no logical sense. News flash, Criminals don’t follow the law. What stops them from getting weapons illegally? Who ever said criminals would stop to think if the weapon they were using is illegal? So if gun control does get made into a law, the government will come to take all guns. But they’ll only go where they know where to find guns, so someone who has a legal registered gun that the government knows about, will get his property taken away. Rather than the criminal who does not have a legal gun. Now that no one but criminals have guns, they can do whatever they want with them.