School Shootings Need to Stop

Jenna Baglio and Hailey Davis

All over the U.S, there has been much controversy over mental health violence and how it will be stopped so, what can the U.S do to prevent it, and what can we as people do.


As of now, there has been multiple school shootings, and it needs to be stopped. Eighteen school shootings have occured over the last two months. That is around nine a month. According to the Washington Post. School is a place for kids to learn; and they shouldn’t have to live in fear.


Students shouldn’t have to go to school feeling scared that something might happen to them, and the government isn’t doing anything about it. As people, it is time for us to stand up against the government and make them change the way they think about the problems this country is facing. Assault rifles are meant to kill. If you are shot multiple times, you will sustain extreme injury, or possibly death. This is proof that there needs to be a change.


Even though people believe that guns should be banned, others believe not. They can become useful in some ways, but obviously not in a way to kill people. Many still follow the second amendments, which states that you have the right to carry protection/ weapons on you.


A few things that could help or possibly prevent the shootings from happening. Many people agree that the law for having automatic weapons should be outlawed, as they are not needed for self defense or hunting. Automatic weapons are made for war. Another thing that should be put into action is that the age to rightfully own a gun should be raised. An 18 year old has no reason to have a gun, that is already a very stressful part of life. Even further you have to be 25 years old to even rent a car so why can’t it be like that for guns. The government and school systems should also focus more on mental health. Usually the ones that end up doing bad things like these end up being mentally ill.


School shootings are definitely a problem in today’s schools and they need to come to an end. We need to take action and make a change so that tragedies like these don’t happen in future generations.