Personal View: School Needs to do something to stop the School Shooting


Jin Seo , Staff Reporter

February 14th, day after the Valentine’s day, the school shooting happened in Florida. 17 Students died and dozen of students got injured by shooting. The school needs to do something to help students and parents to feel safe going to the school and sending their child to the school.

According to the ‘Huffington Post’ one school shooting happening every 63 hours(about 2 days and 6 hours) in 2018. The school shooting that happened in Florida was already 17th shooting.17 school shooting happened in 45 days.More than double the number recorded in any of the previous three years in that same period. Said a news article on the Huffington Post.

After the school shooting at the Florida, some people might think the way to put brakes on school shooting is parents or other adults hiding the guns from their children and not letting them hold on it, but even the parents hide the guns from their child, some students will get guns from some type of illegal way to get the gun. Also students are not only one that are school shooting. The adults also brings the gun to the school.This way will not work very well.

I think there are a lot of ways to put brakes on school shooting, but I think the best way to stop the school shooting is keep eye on people around you. If they look violent or act weird, ask them about the problem they have. According to the CNN News, school shooter Cruz’s neighborhood saw Cruz was ‘acting weird’ before the school shooting. Cruz was shooting the cans, bucket, bottles and even neighborhood’s window with BB-gun. A article on CNN said.

If you think a friend act rude and violent, tell the teacher or adults to help out. According to the ‘The’ “the Parkland shooter had a history of violent and aggressive behavior, including posting about “How to become professional school shooter.” on Instagram.

Also screenshot any violent postings that your friend posted. Anything about violent and killing something can be the message. According to the CNN, the Florida school shooter, Cruz posts holding a knife or what appears to be a BB gun in front of his face, which is sometimes obscured by masks and hats..Theses violent posts can be the message. 

Other than the keep eye people around you, school can get metal detector for every front or back door. People will feel more safe when the metal detector is at the every doorway. But people can hide the guns at some point from the metal detector and bring the gun inside, telling even the school puts the metal detector at the front, the school shooting still might happen, but it can make more less. It is not going to be a cheap way, but it is going to be more safe at the school.


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