The tragic bridge collapse in Florida of March 2018

Lilly Avila, Staff Reporter


Near Miami, Florida, on Thursday March 15th 2018, a bridge connecting Florida International University and Sweetwater, collapsed.


A lead engineer responsible for the bridge left a voicemail as a warning that there was “some cracking”.


According to CNN, the Florida Department of Transportation, representatives from FIU, Munilla Construction Management, and FIGG Bridge Engineers attended a 2 hour meeting to discuss the problem. Just hours before the collapse, engineers deemed the bridge safe.


The failure of the pedestrian bridge, used to allow FIU students cross a busy road, caused the death of 6 individuals. It was a very dismal accident but luckily all casualties were identified and no one else got injured.


Alexa Duran, aged 18, was a student at FIU. She was driving her friend to the doctor when the bridge collapsed. Her friend, Richie Humble, survived but she did not.


Brandon Brownfield, a husband of Chelsea Brownfield and father of 3 daughters, was driving home from work when the bridge fell on him and others.


Osvaldo Gonzalez and Alberto Arias were friends and business partners. They were heading to a travel agency to pick up tickets to visit their homeland, Cuba.


Navarro Brown, 37 years old, was an employee at Structural Technologies VSL.


Ronaldo Fraga Hernandez was the sixth victim of this bridge collapse.


FIU President, Mark Rosenberg, held a moment of silence for the victims of the collapse Monday after spring break, when classes would resume. It began at 1:47 P.M, the exact time the bridge fell.