Dragon Ride

Dragon Ride

Maya Zola, editor

There’s a beach on the east coast with a lighthouse that has red and white stripes. A woman with long curled white dyed hair walks up the stairs to the lighthouse. A man walks out of the door from the foot of the lighthouse. The man whistles an odd tune and a dragon flies down from above. The dragon is about 70 feet long with blue fur all over and a brand on its thigh saying “F.B.”.

The man tosses up a sort of treats at the dragon then whistles the tune again. The dragon looks at the woman then looks away. The man gestures his hand towards the dragon’s back for the woman to get on. She looks up then back at the man in confusion and climbs to the dragon’s back and sees a saddle and seat belt. The woman sits and buckles in.

The man whistles again and the dragon takes off into the sky. The woman skips in fright putting her head down on the dragon to not look up. The dragon roars and the woman looks up. They’re up high in the air just under the clouds. She looks down to the ground and the buildings look like lego pieces. The are about 15,000 feet in the sky.

The dragon flies thru the clouds to get above. The woman now has water droplets in her white curly hair. They land on a cloud. The dragon looks back at the woman then forward. She looks up and sees a staircase leading into a bright light. She climbs of the back of the dragon and heads to the staircase.

She starts to walk up. As she get to last step about to reach the platform she falls. She falls off the stairs through the cloud then closes her eyes as she screams for her life. She hits the ground then opens her eyes. The woman sits up and looks around. There is nothing.

It is pitch black all around. She sees a red door. The woman gets up and walks around the door. There is nothing in front, behind, or beside the door. She opens the door then walks through. She disappears.