Editorial: Why We Don’t Need STAAR.

As we all know, in the state of Texas you have to pass your STAAR test in order to move on to the next grade. This puts a bundle or stress upon the students. Teachers stress it so hard that it starts to feel like that’s the only reason we come to school.  


As eighth graders prepare to move into the ninth grade they have a lot of pressure put upon them due to finals and STAAR. Each year we have about five big tests, STAAR,  Benchmarks,Midterms, Finals and PSAT testing. In each of those tests we have about four or five different subjects. Which puts us at an average of twenty-five tests per year with over fifty questions.  


Now let’s talk about the topic of getting held back for not passing. In Texas if you do not pass the eighth grade math and ELA STAAR test you will get held back. This puts everyone at risk even if you make very good grades. The stress is overwhelming and honestly brutal. Some people can’t take tests, Some people feel defeated and smashed down because of the stress. It makes people feel discouraged overall.


There is so many more things we could do with the money they use for STAAR. According to https://www.change.org/p/greg-abbott-cancel-the-staar-test-use-those-funds-to-rebuild-texas-schools  we should use the money to rebuild the schools that were damaged in Hurricane Harvey. Let’s think about the kids who are struggling to get their education because of a natural disasters Let’s put the money to good use and help others.


We could help so many people with the money from STAAR. There is an enormous amount of other options then having to take this ridiculous test every year. Just think of all the possibilities Let’s take the risk and use the money for better use. Please share this with others to gain awareness to this topic .