Movie Review: ‘Everyday’ is an amazing movie

Movie Review: Everyday is an amazing movie

Ayana Freeman, Staff Reporter



Everyday is a fantasy/drama that is about a girl who falls in love with someone who is in a different body. It will make you cry and make you want to watch it again. The story line is very good and nothing is rushed.

The storyline started with a girl named Rhiannon is in love with a soul named A. A is always in a different person everyday, always the same age never the same person twice. A can never leave any trace or memory that he/she was there in the person’s body. Rhiannon meets A but doesn’t know who he/she is. A finally texts Rhiannon telling her to met he/she in a bookstore. A tells her the truth but Rhiannon doesn’t believe he/she. A has to prove to Rhiannon that it is always he/she and that he/she loves her. A and Rhiannon start falling in love and have many adventures too, but A finally realize that he/she can’t keep Rhiannon, so he/she lets her go. Rhiannon is very sad but finally comes to a conclusion that A is gone.Rhiannon finds someone new but never forgets about A.



The movie was very cute and made me cry. I felt like I was in the movie and feeling everything A and Rhiannon were going through. The details were good, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat to see who A will be next. It was funny and very exciting to see the different people and how Rhiannon would react. My favorite character was  Rhiannon’s sister, Jolene. She is funny and very open and will say anything that is on her mind. She takes care of herself and gives off a vibe that she doesn’t care what other people think. I think everyone should see this movie everyday.