VIDEO: How powerful is the word beautiful?


Jayden Parkhurst, Staff reporter

So many people in the world today get bullied or have some kind of negativity in their lives. Olivia McBride and myself, Jayden Parkhurst, decided to conduct a social experiment to see how powerful the word beautiful can be. Our experience in filming this video was one of the best. The feeling we had when we saw a smile on our peers faces was incredible. We went around our school into different classes and picked a random person from each class to tell them their beautiful, no matter who they are.

By telling students this, we feel that we not only made them happy, but boosted their confidence in some way. Giving this feeling to people also gave us an amazing feeling. We hope that you can spread some of this positivity at your own school and just let someone know that they’re beautiful, inside and out, no matter who they are.  


Watch the Video — Beautiful Social Experiment at Dobie