Movie Review: Black Panther the movie many love

Movie Review: Black Panther the movie many love

Melayna Dunbar and Jacob Coppage

Black panther is a new movie that came out February 16 , 2018. The director of the movie is Ryan Coogler , Marvels youngest filmmaker. The main actor who plays Black Panther is Chadwick Boseman. He has starred in many movies like Get On Up, 42 , Captain America: Civil War , and many more.


The movie Black Panther is about a man who returns home after his father’s death. He returns to Wakanda to take his place as king. But then a powerful enemy reappears , which he is then tested as king and as the black panther when he’s drawn into a conflict , putting wakanda and the world at a risk. He must bring together his allies and release his full strength to defeat his enemies and make sure of the safety of his people.


Lots of people loved the movie and thought it would inspire people. Michelle Obama said “Congrats to the entire #blackpanther team! Because of you, young people will finally see superheroes that look like them on the big screen. I loved this movie and I know it will inspire people of all backgrounds to dig deep and find the courage to be heroes of their own stories” complementing both the movie and cast. Many people took upon themselves to complement the movie and say it truly inspired them and saying how it portrays some black american history and similar to what it’s actually like.


On its first week Black Panther was rated 97% rotten tomatoes. They spent a staggering amount of 200 million dollars. Which isn’t much of a surprise considering the futuristic details of african nation wakanda. There are also spaceships and skyscrapers and many more things in the country, and those very detailed costumes definitely didn’t come cheap. Black Panther is also predicted to break box-office records.


Black Panther was a big hit, people loved everything about it. Vaun Natalroman, 8th grade, said “I like the movie and the plot, and I think it’s underrated because people don’t like how  it interferes with the comics.” Khalil Mayweather is an 8th grader “ I think black panther is a great movie , 10 out of 10.” black panther is a very good and interesting movie and it’s greatly requested to watch and a great movie to watch with your family.