All About Brand Jordan

All About Brand Jordan

Savannah Garcia and Anayah Butler

Do you know all about Jordans? Do you style them in many ways no one can think of? Do you sit at your computer or camp outside of the mall all day waiting for the new Jordan’s to release? If you said yes to the following questions we have the article for you!

According to foot locker  the Jordan brand is owned by Nike and the shoes are  based off of Michael Jordan a professional basketball player. The first ever air Jordan’s to be released was in 1985 created by Peter Moore. Since then the brand has skyrocketed and makes more 100 million dollars a year and is still operating to this day.

The style of Jordans has changed throughout the years and has various options for everyone’s taste including Air Jordans and other variations. Speaking about taste and style, Dobie has many students who love the Air brand Jordan and wear them everyday with pride!

Andrew Ortega, 8th grader said that he first had Jordans when he was 5 years old. His favorite style of Jordans is high tops“I like high top Jordans. The other shoes just don’t compare,” said Ortega. He loves to style his Jordans with clothes that match and he wears Jordans for show and to wear “Since Jordans are mainly for basketball i wear them for show because I don’t play basketball so what’s the point”. said Ortega.

Khalil Mayweather 8th grader, said he knows alot about Jordans. Khalil first had jordans when he was about five and his favorite shoes are 11’s,12’s, 13’s, 1’s, 6’s and 7’s. Khalil thinks Jordans are very diverse “ I think they are a good shoe and very diverse.Each jordan comes in different colors and textures and that’s what I like about them,” said Mayweather. Khalil doesnt style his shoes “I don’t really style them, I just keep them in the box and i clean them, I also keep the cardboard that goes in the shoe,” Said Mayweather.

Journee Green, 8th grader said she knows alot about jordans, she would prefer the “ Retro 12’s ”. Journee said she first had jordans when she was very little. These jordans are her favorite shoes of all. Journee said “ I’m not really a person who likes to get my shoes dirty , i take care of my shoes”. She loves to have style with her jordans , so she matches with the type of shoe she is wearing.

Tianni Carson, 8th grader said she knows that jordans are very expensive and would prefer any type of high top jordans. Tianni first started buying jordans when she was little but she had the low top. Tianni said “ I feel like jordans will never go out of style, because they are really cool and really stylish”. Tianni wears her jordans if it matches her shirts.

From this article we hope that you at least learned a little bit about jordans, and what our students think about them. You should totally consider about buying a pair or two of jordans.