Personal View: Why do we have Spring Break?

Personal View: Why do we have Spring Break?

Andrew Ortega, staff reporter

Spring Break is the one week of the school year that we get a break off all our classes and homework to do what we want. On spring break you usually get a week off of school to do what you want, although some people go on vacation or just relax. Spring Break is for you to do what you want, but you only have one week.


Spring break has been around for a very long time, it is known that even the ancient Greeks and Romans celebrated the arrival of spring. Even greeks and Romans threw parties and social gatherings on spring break. Schools also give students usually a week for spring break so students can enjoy the upcoming season.


Most students think it is more efficient that we get at least a week off of school in the middle of the year to relax, Treveon Wilson says “it is more efficient because we need a break”.

Studies have shown that people after having a break work more efficiently, even famous car inventor, Henry Ford, was the one that started giving people two days off every week.

Since the start of spring break, people have always loved the celebration of the upcoming season, Spring. It’s your time to spend the way you want with no one else’s consent. Spring break is an annual holiday that you only get to celebrate once a year, which means you need to cherish your break and do what you can with it.