Dobie holds relationships assembly

Dobie holds relationships assembly

Treveon Wilson and Gabe Holzwarth

During cougar time the kids of Dobie Jr. High where placed in the cafeteria for a assembly of relationships of sort and not just dating relationships all types of relationships even relationships at home with parents, brothers and sisters, and even other close friends.

During jr high and high school we need help and advice with friends family and dating without the right type of advice or help we won’t know what relationships are healthy and which are not, and that’s what this assembly helped us understand about the types of relationships we need or if they are going well or not.

 There are certain signs that proves if the relationships are going well or not. Sometimes you’re partner may need space or you guys may need boundaries during the relationships. While dating you need to learn about the boundaries you want have, you shouldn’t be with somebody that can’t respect your boundaries.You don’t want to be in a relationship where someone is being abused or harmed in some way, because if you relationship is like this then it’s not true love it fake love. If your in a relationship where it’s not true love the there is no point in being in a relationship. When in a relationship you should always respect your partner boundaries.

Tamyra Daniels: “It was very informative but it was kinda weird to talk about with someone else who just came to the school. A Lot of people could relate to what she said and I even had a few friends who could use the info she was talking about.”

Vaun Natalroman: “It was informative on how we ourselves need to be careful and set boundaries with those that we know and help those that are being affected by these types of actions. It was awkward talking about it with a teacher and frankly half of the school.”