Personal View: Best soccer players of all time in my opinion

Christian Easton, Staff Reporter

According to, Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. So who are the best players of the most popular sport in the world?


Lionel Messi- An all time favorite of many soccer fans, this FC Barcelona player plays striker and is often said to be the greatest soccer player of this generation. He is really good at dribbling through lines of defenders a.n nut-megging, a move in which a player dribbles the ball through an others legs.


Cristiano Ronaldo- A close runner-up for greatest soccer player of this generation, he plays striker for Real Madrid C.F. and is also good at dribbling the ball up the line. He is good at shooting goals.


Pelé- This soccer legend played for many teams including…Brazil national team, New York Cosmos, and Santos Football Club. He is ranked 5th among FIFA World Cup players by goals scored. Also known for scoring lots of goals with his head.


Zinedine Zidane- A retired Soccer great, He now manages and controls the spanish team, Real Madrid. He is an old soccer great and will long be remembered. 


Diego Maradona- An Argentine retired professional footballer and manager. Maradona was joint FIFA Player of the 20th Century with Pelé. He has to be really good to tie with Pele.


Paul Pogba- A player for Manchester UTD, Pogba may not be the one with the most goals, but is still a beloved player of this soccer generation. He is a common name in the soccer fan vocab.


Zlatan Ibrahimović- A swedish player who plays striker for Manchester UTD and is known for being tough on the field and showing no mercy for the opposing team. Crazy in the head and crazy good.


Neymar- Brazilian player Neymar plays for Paris Saint Germain. He is a striker and a well known player among soccer fans. Good for scoring goals and getting the ball up.


Soccer is a big part of people’s lives so it makes sense that we would all have idols in the world’s most famous sport.