Personal View: What Valentine’s Day is all about

Alessandra Aladzeme, Staff reporter

When you hear Valentine’s Day your mind suddenly thinks about couples, gifts and cupids flying around. You may think that this day is supposed to be for only the couples, but if you do, you are wrong. Valentine’s Day is for everyone and it is not about being in a relationship.

You may think that being in couples is a requisite,(something necessary), of Valentine’s Day but in reality this day is all about being happy and being with the people you love like your friends and family.
When you go somewhere and the Valentine’s Day season is starting,like decorations on the stores, you say oh shoot   Valentine’s Day is around the corner, I need to find someone to be my boyfriend/girlfriend before Valentine’s Day, but is it really necessary to go through a lot just to not be the one person out of your friends not dating?
In my personal opinion I say that as long as I have my friends and family I don’t need a boyfriend to spend a good Valentine’s Day, and there’s also one thing I don’t need GIFTS.

Apart for people saying Valentine’s Day is a Holiday for couples, people say that you have to give gifts to your friends and that you have to give a big gift to the person you are dating because if you don’t get them something big they will take it as you don’t like them, doesn’t that sound ridiculous?
Gifts are not necessary on Valentine’s Day because the sole meaning of this day is the start of a year happy and celebrate that you have people that really loves you and that you love them also this day is to celebrate strong,loyal and happy friendships.
Love does not mean money, my grandma always tells me, love is about actions and not forgetting special days on the lives of the people you love, such as birthdays and anniversaries.

History of this Day:
In ancient Athens February was the month of Gamelion,a holiday month for the gods, which was dedicated to the marriage of Zeus,(The god of the sky and ruler of the Olympian gods), and Hera, (the goddess of marriage and birth and queen of the Olympian).

In ancient Rome this day was Lupercalia,a festival to celebrate fertility. On the festival of Lupercus ,the god of fertility and health, they would make a sacrifice and then they ran through the streets of Rome striking anyone they met with pieces of the goat skin, young women came because they believed that if they were touched by the goat’s skin they will be fertile.

In the Catholic church St.Valentine’s Day is dedicated to a Roman Catholic Priest who was executed under the ruling of Roman Emperor Claudius the second who was against the christian church and persecuted everybody that followed that religion. St.Valentine was declared a martyr, (someone killed because of his religious beliefs), and then a saint because of his three part execution of a beating he received for refusing the roman gods and being christian.

  I personally am going to go and spend a good Valentine’s Day with my friends, sharing memories and funny moments of our friendship, and not worrying about boys or gifts.