Personal View: Catfishing can be dangerous.

Ethan Adams, Staff reporter

Catfishing can be pretty spooky if your not careful online. A catfish is someone that is acting like someone else, someone will make a account and they will try to act like someone of your age. There could be someone looking at your profile when you don’t even know it. You could possibly even get tricked to meet them in real life, and get your address found by perverts or even rapists. There are many ways you can prevent catfishing, by making private accounts, telling who people are in real life, and what to do if you want to meet up with someone you met online

Making a private account on Instagram is a good way to prevent random people from looking at your account and messaging you. If you don’t know how it works; it works by making it so random people can’t look into your account until you approve of them. If you wanted to request someone that is private you send a request and then wait until they approve of you. This is what catfish try to breach.

But, the only problem with this is that most people will let anyone follow them. This will not work if you let random people follow you. Don’t let people follow you unless you know them in real life or you trust them. The catfish will want to get close to you and try to message you, and eventually meet up with you in real life. A good way to avoid this is to just not let them follow you in the first place, because if it is someone that you do know they will tell you some other way.

If anyone that you meet online wants to meet up with you and your sure it’s safe follow these rules. The first rule is to tell a trusted adult or parent, so if anything happens they know. The second rule is to take more friends with you, because if they do want to do anything they won’t anymore if there is two people. The third rule is that you need to meet in a public place with a lot of people, because if the person your meeting is a kidnapper or something they won’t do anything to you where there’s other people.