Game review: Pokemon fun

Game review: Pokemon fun

Luke Hill, Staff Reporter

In the Pokemon games there are legendary Pokemon with large potential, greatish stats, assortment of moves, and odd purposes for them. In celebration of the amazing power of Legendary Pokemon, look forward to opportunities to obtain these magnificent Pokemon over the course of the year. Every one of the Pokemon you’ll get for your Pokemon Ultra Sun, Pokemon Ultra Moon, Pokemon Sun, or Pokemon Moon game is at least level 60 and will know awesome moves to help you dominate in battle! Plus, they may be holding a valuable Gold Bottle Cap to let you maximize the individual strengths of one of your Pokemon via Hyper Training.


This month is the legendary Pokemon is Heatran from generation 4 which  Pokemon pearl, diamond, and platinum. Heatran is known as the Lava dome Pokemon, its fire and steel types make a Pokemon with little weakness. Heatran can be found in Pokemon ultra sun, but now you can get him or her in ultra moon with the moves Magma storm, Heatwave, Earth power, and Flash cannon with the ability Flash fire at level 100.


Also this months legendary Pokemon is Regigigas also from gen 4 which is Pokemon Pearl Diamond, and Platinum. Regigigas is known as the colossal Pokemon, Regi is just a Normal type so not much of a change there still weak to fighting types. Regi can be found in ultra moon, but now you can get it in ultra sun with the move set of Crush grip, Drain Punch, Zen Headbutt, Heavy slam with the ability Slow start (which speaks for itself) at level 100.


Remember this event is going on all year long and changes monthly. Have fun collecting and battling with these awesome Legendary Pokemon all year long, to those that play.