Game Review: Fortnite Takes Over Phones

Karys Marcum and Kenzie Hudson

Fortnite has been a very popular game with a lot of people here at Dobie. Fortnite is a kill or be killed type game where you are running away from a storm and trying to kill the other members. Most people try to play with their friends so that they have a better chance of winning.


Recently the creator of Fortnite at Epic Games came out with a way to play on your phone and people have seemed to love it. The game is not as easy to get as just going to the app store and downloading it though. To get the game you have to go the official Epic Games website and download it from there, but first you have to get an invite code from one of your friends or wait on the waiting list untill they email you a code.


When the app first came out there was a problem with it lagging all the time and not being able to move around because it had froze, but not long after, the game directors at Epic Games fixed the problem because a big game company like that cannot afford to lose players like that.


Most students downloaded the game started playing it all the time but of course they like to play on the pc, x-box, or ps4 more, this is because it is a lot easier to play and their used to it more.