Why we should have water bottles in classrooms

Alivia Cooper and Anaya Edwards, Staff Reporter

By: Alivia Cooper and Anaya Edwards


Water bottles in classrooms are an unobtained necessity in Dobie Jr. High. There is a rule here that claims no water bottles in classrooms.Students, parents, and health advocate’s main concern with this rule is dehydration. Some may say that water fountains are enough, but considering the amount of time we have in the halls,and passing the water fountain in order to rush to classes and the amount of times we have in class to go get water, it is not very effective. Even if we were allowed more time in class to get water, it still would not be enough because we would be missing part of the lesson. In fact, statistics show that drinking from a cup allows more fluid intake than water fountains. Not to mention, water fountains normally contain warm water that can harbor bacteria, and are not cleaned frequently.


It has also been proven that dehydrated students have a lack of focus, are tired, and aren’t as alert as they would be when they’re hydrated. Some schools have put in water coolers so that kids can not smuggle in unwanted liquids.There have also been a low amount of absences from students and staff because they were sick. Having water bottles in class has more positives than the negatives. Health experts have often worried that students are not meeting the required intake of water a day which is affecting their academic performance.


Students staying well hydrated in classes have improved the student’s grades drastically. The more alert the children are, the better their performance on tests and in class projects.There also happen to be a couple occurences of a student being so dehydrated throughout the school day, that they passed out from lack of fluids in their cells.


There have been many schools who’ve allowed water in classrooms, but with a twist. They weren’t allowed to be open in hallways and they had to have spill proof caps. If they can do it we can too. Water bottles will raise students alertness and focus which leads to better academic results. Being hydrated is an easy solution that we cannot pass up. It is a simple way to lessen sick days, improve grades, save time, and help with dehydration. Stay hydrated, stay safe.