The best NFL draft in years

This years NFL draft will surely be more exciting than past drafts. This years draft has more talent than previous drafts including top prospects : Saquon Barkley , Sam Darnold and Shakeem Griffith here are the times on their workouts.


40 Yard Dash –   Saquon Barkley- 4.40       Sam Darnold- 4.85 Shakeem Griffith- 4.38

Bench Press-       Saquon Barkley- 29 reps of 225)~

Shakeem Griffith only has one hand and benched better than just about  any other person at the draft combine.


Caleb Davis said “this years combine is one of the greatest ever it’s a whole lot of skill and conference so i like it”. Kenyon Brown said “this years combine is very cool how they all came out and showed what they can do because lots of people can’t.Damian Caballero said  “the NFL combine was very cool even I don’t watch football me and my dad liked it”.