Student Spotlight: Tianni Carson


Cierrah Utsey and Faith Smith

Tianni Carson, 8th grader, was born in Frankfurt ,Germany on August 31, 2004.  Her name came from her grandma, Teyawn. She is standing at 5’3. She goes by Lil TP, Princess Tianni, or “T”. She is 13 years old and has one sibling named Mariya, along with her dog named Sunny. Her favorite color is navy blue. Her hobbies are playing volleyball, singing, playing the piano, and doing track.

Tianni’s aspiration in life is to be happy and successful because that’s what her grandma wanted for her. She would describe herself as independent, confident, and hard working. A quote that she lives by is “When it rains, look for rainbows, when it’s dark look for stars”. She wants to become a detective because she Law & Order .

Tianni is a trustworthy person, who is reliable. She is very sweet and hilarious. She knows how to cheer you up and make you happy! She brightens the room with a dazzling smile. If you need good advice Tianni is the one to go to!

Overall, Tianni is an amazing person. She is sweet and hilarious. She knows how to give amazing advice. She would never let you down even when she’s mad at you. She can relate to you and give you advice about your problems.