Game review: A walk in the park with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


Chloe Ramsey and Ariana Rojas

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a mobile game created by Nintendo. Originally the game was made for the Nintendo 64 game console, but then made into a mobile game for the phone and other devices. In this new mobile simulated game you take on the role of being campsite manager and make your own customizable campgrounds along with your own character.


When you first enter the game you are greeted by Isabelle, your assistant, who is there to help you whenever you need it. With every login you get a daily bonus that include things such as leaf tickets, bells (kind of like currency), and other various materials you can use later.


You will also receive tasks from your new found animal friends and then complete them by giving them items such as fruits, fish, butterflies/ insects, and shells.In return you recieve items like bells, cotton, and other such building materials you can use to build cool items to personalize your campsite to make it your own!  


Other occasions that happen such as seasonal events and tasks like the fishing and bug catching. Other players in the game can also help you while the events are going on. Sometimes when the events the end you may receive trophies and or other items based on how well you did.


When playing animal crossing you can also become friends other players, there are multiple ways to do this the first and most simple way is to go to another player’s campsite, interact them and then send a friend request. Another option is to send a tune with your phone to other local players or a certain player you are trying to become friends with. If you connect your nintendo account with your mobile device you will be able to become friends with players on other devices such as the NIntendo Switch or a Wii U.