Personal View: Why water bottles should be allowed in classrooms


Kayla Looney, Staff Reporter

 Hi, I am Kayla Looney and I am here to tell you why the rules about water bottles should change. As you should know, water bottles are not allowed in classrooms at Dobie. This rule is unfair to students all over the school. I think that making students interrupt class just to ask to get some water, isn’t right.

 Letting students have water bottles in classrooms can be healthier for them. Students can stay more hydrated so they can less likely get ill. Drinking from the water fountains can spread diseases easily to whomever drinks from them. Our water fountains could be getting students sick. If a student gets sick, they can miss days of school and miss their classes. If they miss their classes, they miss the material that is learned that day and when they get back to class, they have a hard time catching up which can lower their grades. Having water bottles in classrooms can help students concentrate better in class and better concentration can lead to  better grades which then leads to happier parents and students.

 Recently, I have suffered from migraines and missed 5 days of school because of them. It was hard for me to catch up to the work I missed. I went to the doctor and the doctor said to drink lots of water. This is difficult to accomplish at school because in my classes, we have bathroom passes. The rule is that you only get 2 per grading period. If don’t use them by the ending of the grading period, they can count as 100s to replace your lowest grade. I don’t like this idea because kids who care to much about their grades, are not going to want to use them in hopes of bringing their grades up. Also, if someone has run out of passes, the teacher will not let them leave the classroom. When I came back to Dobie, and needed water, I did not want to use my passes and drink from our water fountain that could potentially make me sick. I only had the time at my house, and school lunch, to drink all the water I needed. I think this rule isn’t fair to anyone. If this rule is in place because of previous Dobie Cougar actions, you shouldn’t punish us because of it.

 I also think that you interrupt class when you have to raise your hand and get the teachers attention during a lesson, to get water. Having water bottles in classrooms can help with less distractions during class because students can just drink their water in silence. This can have less distractions during class and less interruptions in other children’s learning. Teachers will have more time to teach and get through their whole lesson so they don’t waste time the next getting them caught up in the stuff they didn’t go over. Water bottles in classrooms can help in many ways and benefit many people at Dobie.

 Water bottles should be allowed in Dobie classrooms. It can have many benefits like keeping students healthy, less interruption in class, and so people can have less absences and better grades. Having water bottles in classrooms would be an amazing thing at Dobie.