What’s The Fuss About Fortnite?

Whats The Fuss About Fortnite?

Paige Freund, Staff Reporter

 If you somehow haven’t heard about the new video game “Fortnite” that people are obsessed with, here’s a bit about it. Fortnite is a game where you go on various missions to battle people. Fortnite was released on July 25, 2017 yet it just now got popular. Many people play it on a regular basis, but what’s the big fuss about it?

 People have tons of different opinions on the game Fortnite. Victoria Gonzalez, 7th grader gave really good reasons on why she enjoys the game. Gonzalez stated “I love the game Fortnite because of all the things that it has brought to society. I feel like it has brought tons of people together, and I personally have gotten closer to my friends thanks to the game.” Not only has the game brought entertainment to people, but it has also gotten people closer.

 Not everyone enjoys the game Fortnite such as Georgia Moreno, 7th grader. Moreno states “I hate the game Fortnite. I feel that it takes up so much of other people’s time because it’s all that they ever talk about. Wherever I go I hear people asking for the link to Fortnite. It gets really annoying when I go on Snapchat and watch people’s story it’s all I see and i’m getting annoyed.” Many people on the app snapchat also got annoyed with the boys constantly posting their wins.


 Everyone has their different opinions on the game on weather they like it or not. Do you like the game Fortnite, and why do you think it’s such a big fuss?