Is Fortnite taking over The Gaming World

John Andrade and Kobe Gonzalez

The question everyone is asking. Is Fortnite taking over? The game has made over 200 million dollars as of right now, even with the game being free for everyone to play . Celebrities such as Drake, Lil Yachty, Travis Scott, Juju Smith, Logic, and Melo Ball have personally played Fortnite and enjoyed it.


Fortnite has also taken over Dobie Junior High. Justin Elmore, an 8th grader at Dobie said, “ I was so addicted my parents told me that I could only play on weekends.” Even though Fortnite is a free game Elijah Young, who is also an 8th grader at Dobie said “ I wasted at least $350 on Fortnite”          


Fortnite has gone above and beyond any game. It brought the gaming community together and also made it larger. Ninja a famous Fortnite streamer makes over $500,000 a month, just live streaming Fortnite. Before Fornite most people put gaming in a nerd collum Fortnite made gaming expand. Rappers and other famous people now game. Gaming is just another way to socialize for those who can’t face to face.


Kids, celebrities, and adults males and even females have started to play Fortnite and become addicted. Fortnite has a huge fan base.They even made Fortnite mobile for those who either can’t afford expensive consoles, or don’t already have Ps4, Xbox, or Pc. Its safe to say that Fortnite has taken over the world.