Fiction: Hero of my Heart

Morgan Gardner, News Club Writer

It’s not easy being the villain when your crush is the hero. I make a plan to… I don’t know… do something evil. Like when I stole from that bank, or toppled that skyscraper. Good times. Anyway, I make a plan to do something evil (but too dangerous for my hero), see the plan through, then we fight. Oh how I love our fights! he hits me with lightning or something, I throw a few punches, he knocks me down, captures me, and locks me up.

Normally I break out after I get a new plan and we start all over again. But one day all of that changed.

It was Monday, October fourth and I had just escaped from Red Lightning (that’s my hero) and was making my way to the tallest building in Yewell City when I heard a loud bang echo from somewhere to my left. I paused and looked towards the sound but brushed my hesitation to the side when I didn’t hear it again. My hearing is better than most people’s so it was probably just a car door closing or something inconsequential of the sort. so I kept on with my menacing stalk towards the building, smiling and waving at people to freak them out.

Then I heard it again. A loud thud. It was like a big piece of rock smashing into a mountainside. Then again. Overwhelmed by curiosity, I made my way towards the sound. I was only walking for about three minuets when I started to see people running at me screaming, terror in their eyes. I started to jog, a bit worried now.

Just as I turned to the right, a boulder the size of a six-wheeler went flying at me. I yelped and put up a force field right before it smashed into my face. The one ton rock rammed into my force field, breaking into hundreds pieces before crashing to the ground. I’m looking around for the source of the boulder, when I see a man.

He was muscular, had thin greasy black hair, a brown trench coat, and solid black eyes with no whites. I took a step back as he spotted me. He grunted and started walking in my direction.

He paused a few feet from me, and said in a gravely voice. “Shade! I have come to take your city from you.”

I raised an eyebrow. “What about Red Lightning? Isn’t it his city to?”

He let out a bark of a laugh. “I know your more powerful than him. I want you first.”

“Ok… but you seem pretty out of shape. you want to stretch first?” I pretended to stretch my arm over my head.

Mr.trenchcoat growled and stomped his foot, causing a tremble to reverberate throughout the street. The tremble turned into a small earthquake and I started to wobble. I made a swipe with my hand and a small silver platform lifted me into the air.

His eyes lit up with a malicious gleam as he lifted up a piece of asphalt and floated next to me. Then he jumped up and hurled a sliver of concrete at me that seemed sharp enough to cut me in half. I flicked my hand upward and it fleww to the side embedding it’s self in a nearby building. He then threw more at me in rapid succession. I rebounded them all off to the side with ease.

Mr.treanchcoat howled in anger and a sudden burst of spikes came up from the ground and jutted up around me, I leaped from my perch, and landed on the ground, twisting my ankle in the process. He fell from his rock and hurled it at me. I hardly had time to dive to the side, bits of rock slammed into me as it collided with the ground next to me. I gasped as a piece of rubble hit me in the jaw, creating a large gash on my face.

I pushed myself up and one look at that jerk’s smug face drove me over the edge. I lost it. and everything went hazy.

I blinked away the haze a few minuets later and looked around. The carnage spread around for a mile. Crumbled buildings, overturned cars, ripped up roads. had done this. I saw the man I had been fighting was a few yards away from me, trembling. At least I didn’t kill him… I thought. I always tried to keep the ones I fight alive. I stood on shaky legs, lightheaded.

I walked forward a few steps then toppled over and blacked out.

When I woke I was in the cell Red Lightning normally kept me in. the same steel walls and windowless door.

I sprang to my feet. “Hey! wh-what happened? How long have I been here?”

I waited a few minuets. “Hello?!”

“I’m here.” came a man’s voice.

Lightning. “Lightning? listen… about what hap-”

“How did you do that? I-I…” He stopped and I heard him take a deep breath. “How? I had no idea you were that powerful…do you hold back when you fight me?”

I took a shaky breath. “I do.”


“I never wanted to hurt you.”

He pounded his fist on the door and I flinched. “That doesn’t answer my question! Why do you hold ba-wait. No, no, no! Tha-that’s not it! You don’t… like me do you?”

I didn’t reply.

I heard foot steps leading away from my door.