View: History of Cupid

Kalea Wright, Staff Reporter

When we think of Cupid we think of a little baby with a bow and arrow with little wings who can make someone fall in love with the touch of his arrow, but what is the real story about Cupid? Did Cupid only make people love each other or is there another side of cupid that we don’t know?

Cupid struck the hearts of mortals and Gods, and played with their emotions. One story in Greek Mythology is when Cupid shot a golden arrow at Apollo, who fell for the nymph Daphne, but then he shot a leaden arrow at Daphne, so she would feel repulsed by Apollo.

Cupids mother, Venus, got jealous of the beautiful mortal Psyche and told Cupid to induce Psyche with an golden arrow, so she can fall in love with a monster. Instead, Cupid prick himself with one of his own arrows fell in love with Psyche and did not do what his mother intended him to do and married Psyche.

Cupid told Psyche that she could not look at his face and curiosity took over Psyche ,so one night while Cupid was asleep Psyche had held a knife and a lamp over Cupid thinking he was a monster ,but she come to find out he is handsome with beautiful white wings. While she was looking at him a drop of oil fell on him awakening him, startled Cupid flies out of the window away from Psyche.

Psyche goes on searching for Cupid and does all of Cupid’s mothers task’s, but with the help from other God’s and Cupid, he then does the rest of the task his mother gave Psyche and forgives Psyche and turns her immortal ,so she can be with him forever. Cupid and Psyche then have a daughter who’s name meant pleasure.