Personal View: Dance Workshop was a spectacular experience

We are finally in Dallas after a 8 hour train ride with no sleep. My heart went to my stomach  while my stomach was in a knot. Regional Dance America was finally here and I was really nervous because there was no parents to guide me .

       Once we got to the hotel all I wanted to do was go to sleep but I couldn’t because we had to unpack. It was dinner time so all we ate was pizza.We went to bed because we had a early morning ahead.

Throughout RDA it was hassle  because we had to worry about auditions because that depended if you were going to get a scholarship or not. First we would have to wake up around 6:30 am and get ready for classes including breakfast. Then we had to go to our classes at 9 am and then went to our next class around 11am. After lunch was over we had to go to our 2 last classes. It would usually last to about 4:30pm. After a while we would head back to our hotel rooms. Finally we would get ready to go to the shows.

       The night time shows are my favorite part of the day. You get to dress up into pretty dresses. Then you get to see all of your friends that you haven’t seen all day and also meet new friends. The first show was for the student choreography where the top student in the company makes a piece and presents the piece to thousands of people. The second night was a normal show night. The third night was gala night which was where you would dress a little more fancier that the other nights. You would go see the show then after the show was over you would go ahead and eat at a fancy dinner with all the dancers who went to RDA. That was when they announced all the scholarships to people. Our company got 8 scholarship including me. I was very happy when I went up there because I have never gotten a scholarship before.

         Overall RDA was a really good experience for because I got to learn many different ways of how to become a better dancer. I got to see many new things that I have never seen before and meet new teachers. I have gotten more confident in my dancing and also became a better dancer in general. RDA is a very fun experience and I think every dancer should try it as well.