Personal View: Getting injured during track season was frustrating


JaChona Owen, Staff Reporter

By: JaChona Owen


This year has been tough for me. Only because of my knee hurting through the whole school year.  The very first time I hurt my knee was in the 7th grade, during track season. I should’ve taken a break and let my knee rest, but I decided not too.

I didn’t want to take a break, because then I knew I would be out for basketball season. Even though my heart told me to play basketball, my conscience told me to take a break give my knee sometime to heal. If I would’ve listened to my conscience, I would probably be able to play sports right now.

This year during track season the first meet that we had, I was running the 300m hurdles. The second to last hurdle, I jumped over the hurdle and I landed wrong. After I finished my race, I was in so much pain. The rest of the night I wasn’t able to walk. The next day I could walk, but not that much. After that day, I regretted not taking a break so much.

When I went to the doctor’s, I knew they were going to tell me that I couldn’t do any sports right now. Once I was done at the doctor’s office, I was crushed inside when they told me I couldn’t do any physical activity. I went back to the doctor’s, and they said I might have torn my meniscus. After I heard that bad news, I was really disappointed in myself. I was disappointed, because I knew I should’ve taken a break, but I didn’t. Now I am stuck watching the sports I play.