Personal View: why and how you should eat right


Sarah Guidry

Eating the right things and the right amount, can have so many positive effects on you.

 The average person needs about two thousand calories a day, but if you are very athletic or in sports you may want to eat a bit more.

Know that eating right doesn’t just have to do with getting the right amount of calories, you also should be giving yourself good foods. Treat your body like the beautiful temple that it is.

Remember when you were little, and you were always told to eat your veggies, well that is actually very important. But you should also make sure you are getting the right amount of whole grains, fruits, high fat whole foods, leafy greens, and legumes. When keeping you foods balanced you will notice you feel, look , smell, better. You also have lots more energy, and  get better sleep. Keep it in mind, that they’re not the only benefits.

Let me explain why eating right will have the positive impact on you. Your body will feel better because it is well balanced, and you will not feel bloated. You will look better because, your skin will clear up your hair, nails, and skin will be a lot more healthy. Also you will smell better because when you sweat your body is getting rid of the unneeded things in your body, and what you are eating will impact the way it smells. It will help you have more energy because you will be eating the foods that will  give you your needed amount of energy. You will be able to sleep better because, you will have not had to much energy by night time, and your body will feel a lot better or more comfortable.

It is also very important to be drinking the right amount of water. You should at least drink about half a gallon of water a day, and no I am not talking about soda, tea, or anything else I am talking about plain water.  Your body is constantly getting rid of water in many ways. So make sure you are refilling your body.It will help you digestion and energy level. Now i’m not saying it isn’t okay to have sweets every once in a while. It is perfectly fine to have sweets sometimes, just make sure you are not having to many or having them all the time. Eating right will help you live your life wall feeling good.