Dobie 8th graders share their favorite memories


There have been many great stories made at Dobie Junior High, and as an 8th grader, our time is coming to an end. Here are some of Dobie’s 8th grader’s memories.

“One time when I was walking through the breezeway I was in a bad mood and I pushed the door too hard and the door came back and hit me in the face,” said Seth Pickrell, 8th grader.


“I was practicing for my act in theatre and I was flailing my arms around and I accidentally pulled the fire alarm and it really scared me,” said Chester Ngonge, 8th grader.

“I once stole a cheese stick from snack bar because I didn’t have any money, I was originally gonna give it to my friend for him to pay but I forgot so I just walked out and the lunch ladies were screaming at me in Spanish,” said Angel Salazar, 8th grader.


“One time I was going upstairs to 2nd period and I fell on the stairs and my friends all laughed at me,” said Journee Green, 8th grader.



“I misheard my friend who had told me that I looked cute, I ended up yelling at her because I thought she said something rude,” said Brea Mars, 8th grader.



“I sat on some gum one day,” said Gavin Pierce, 8th grader.



“I screamed really loud because I accidently dropped my chapstick and it really scared me.. I was so embarrassed,” said Lina Bosier, 8th grader.