editorial: Package bombings towards minorities are scary


Isabella Hunter, Staff Reporter

Recent news is that there have been many package bombings in Texas. We all need to know what we purchased so we don’t open a package that we shouldn’t open and get blown up. Dobie students have been talking about the scary news stories about the package bombings in the Austin area.

Jurnee Clark, 7th grader, said she had been following the news. “I think that this is not okay and the person needs to be in a life sentence when they catch him, and she thought that this was not okay she thinks that they need help and to get that help you need to go to the hospital,” she said.

Rebeca Schwabe, 7th grader, said she had been told by her mother. “ I feel like the world is falling apart. It’s become something. Our world is becoming upside down. We used to be something that was like a family, and now, we’re like a wrecking ball. There have been all of these bombings and school shootings-what have we done to our world? Every life is precious-we shouldn’t go around killing people. We need to be the country we used to be, but we can’t do anything until we get this under control.”

The bomber was reported dead on March 21, 2018, in the morning the police surrounded him at the top of a tower and instead of going to jail he decided to kill himself by blowing himself up. Now that we know that some of the problems in our community are gone, we can now work on some things like putting our community back together and become the community Austin was before.