Personal view: Take A Stand


Kylie Pavlovsky, Staff Reporter

About one million people commit suicide per year. According to, that’s about one person every 40 seconds.

How many more losses will it take for us to realize we have a worldwide issue on our hands?

Most of us have social media as a way to have fun and stay in touch, but what if we use it as a tool? We can make suicide awareness pages and stop bullying pages.

We can spread positivity throughout these pages by letting people know they are worth it and deserve happiness. We can make a difference and help change people’s outlook on life.

We can also ask our teachers and administration if we can have clubs based on helping people in need, put posters on the wall with inspiring quotes and messages, and ask to make speeches during available time.

People should not be bullied, especially to where they feel they are not needed. Everyone is here for a reason and this is only an obstacle.

“I think people should stop bullying because you never know what they are going through,” Aubrianna Kline, 7th grader states. “I think it’s sad because people shouldn’t have to go through something to the point of hurting themselves.”

People go through all sorts of things such as parent divorce, depression, physical/mental abuse, and much more. You bullying them could drive them to commit self harm.

We all need to stand tall and overpower the bullies by showing them that we can stand taller, and wont let our walls crumble so theirs can be built. We can help people see the best in life and know that there’s always someone out there to help them and comfort them.

If you need help:

  • 1-800-273-TALK – A 24-hour crisis hotline if you’re about to self-harm or are in an emergency situation.
  • 1-800-SUICIDE Hotline for people contemplating suicide.
  • 1-800-334-HELP – Self Injury Foundation’s 24-hour national crisis line.
  • 1-800-799-SAFE – Domestic violence hotline.