Finals aren’t as bad as you think

Finals arent as bad as you think

Erynn Sanders, Staff Reporter

The end of the school year is getting closer and closer as the days go by. You’d expect the thought of summer to be the only thing on kids minds, when in reality it’s the stress and worry of end-of-the-year finals.

Finals are tests that you take at the end of the year for all of your classes, electives included. Their purpose is to test you on all of the information you have learned since the beginning of the year. Teachers give you reviews and students pull all-nighters. Everyone’s stress levels rise due to the fact that this simple test can “make or break” your chance of going to the next grade.

Students with good, stable grades really shouldn’t stress that much when it comes to finals though. Yes, you want to do good on the test, but there is no reason to panic because according to the SCUCISD Grading Policy finals are only 10 percent of your grade. If you’re almost or are failing your classes, it would be in your best interest to study and do all the study guides and reviews that your teachers give you.

To some, stress may seem unavoidable, but there are actually many ways to avoid or prevent it. One way is to avoid drinking high amounts of caffeine because when this unites with stress it can cause a rise in cortisol, a primary stress hormone. Drinking small to moderate amounts of caffeine will not be as harmful though. There are many other ways to help manage your stress such as getting more sleep, staying positive, relaxing, etc.

As the end of the year approaches, don’t let the stress of finals encompass your mind.


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