Upcoming Math STAAR Test

Kya Logan, Staff Reporter

By: Kya Logan

This year’s 8th grade math STAAR test is on April 11th, and 7th grade math STAAR test on April 10. All 8th and 7th math STAAR test make ups are on April 13. This year there’s been talk about the school only having one make up test instead of two like last year. I’ve interviewed one 8th grader and one 7th grader student to see there prospective and listen to their thoughts on the math STAAR test.

Elijah Huggle, 8th grader, says he’s not nervous one bit even though he’s not going to be studying for it he’s pretty confident with himself and believes he will ace it.

Alivia Cooper, 7th grader, says she has no clue how the math STAAR test is going to be and is very nervous to see how it’s going to go down.

There’s a lot of different thoughts about star and there’s a lot of people who think their not going to do well, it’s just you being nervous. Before STAAR comes everybody should think before it’s too late about maybe getting tutoring or spend more time studying if you need it. Lots of students don’t like homework but if asking your teachers for extra homework, note, etc. will help you do what you can to make yourself feel confident about STAAR.